About Us

About Us

Our Story

From Emily, founder of IMELI

IMELI.co began in a small crowded corner of my basement. My passion for accessories bloomed when I had gotten my ears pierced for the first time in summer of 2019. It was difficult to find suitable jewelry within an affordable reasonable price for a student like myself, so I decided I would take matters into my own hands. IMELI started as a tiny array of recycled jewelry parts and findings stored in plastic containers, stacked up against a dim-lit wall waiting to be touched; waiting to be transformed. 

Falling in love with transformation was what started IMELI, and what fuelled my passion for creating beautiful accessories. The art of transformation inspired my works, to turn something flat and bland into something entirely different. My goal was to not only transform the materials into delicate accessories, but also to transform its wearer. I wanted my art to become wearable; fashion statements that add character and magic to its bearers.


Our Promise

All IMELI pieces are either handcrafted from its separate components, or designed intricately. Our jewelry is designed to impress, and made to EXPRESS. We believe that jewelry and accessories are a form of self expression; bold bright colours on a canvas of the human body. There are no restrictions or definitions of who or what can wear jewelry, because it is designed for everyone, and endorsed by all.

Our promise ensures that our jewelry does not discriminate, isolate, or put prejudice on any populations, people, sexualities, and/or orientations. Here at IMELI.co, we have nothing but love for everyone, with the jewelry crafted from our hearts to yours. 

Who We Work With:

IMELI.co works with various freelance photographers, models, and other designers. If you are interested in working with IMELI, please send us an email!

Our Photographers:

Ignacio Fizona is a 20 years old photographer, dancer and painter from Argentina. 
He is based in Spain and got graduated from bachelor of arts in 2018 and started his career as a professional dancer in 2019. He is currently working with Jove CIA Gerard Collins. 
As a photographer he is mainly focused on artistic portraits


Instagram: @imeli.co

Tiktok: @imeli.co

Email: info@imeli.co

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